Sirocco Construction Updates

Dear Sirocco Residents,

At Anthem, our objective is to build Great Space for the growing families we build for, and the great communities we build in. It is important to us to prioritize the safety and happiness of our homeowners.

We understand the residents of Sirocco have dealt with disruptions caused by road closures and construction. We empathize with your frustrations. As promised, we are aiming to provide weekly communication on the construction program in the West Macleod area. Below is our update as of September 21st, 2023:

Location Update Additional Information
Sheriff King Street (194th to 210th Avenue) Remains closed and the current anticipated open date is end of November. The city has completed their water feeder main project.

This now allows Anthem to complete additional underground infrastructure connections.

The current target is to have two lanes from 210th Avenue to 194th Avenue completed this fall. The adjacent developer (Mattamy) will complete the west two lanes on Sheriff King Street as their development of Yorkville progresses.

Anthem will continue to provide updates on the construction and timing of this road.

210th Avenue intersection at Sheriff King Street The intersection was closed on Monday, September 18th. Traffic is once again detoured through Pine Creek during this period.

We are targeting the intersection will reopen the weekend of September 29th.

The City of Calgary project had this intersection closed and it temporarily reopened on August 15th.

Once the intersection is reopened some construction will remain in the area. The anticipated completion date is in October.

Sirocco Overall Community To better maintain roads during construction, we have increased our road sweeping frequency to occur weekly on Creekside Drive SW, Creekside Blvd SW and Creekstone Drive SW. Other residential streets that have active construction will be swept bi-weekly.

Sweeping is scheduled to take place on Tuesdays, weather pending.

This schedule will continue through the remainder of our construction program this year (approximately end of November).

We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at 403 265 6180 or You can also find the initial statement about the construction program here.