Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Lot Homes

When starting on the home building process, one of the first and most important aspects you have to consider is your lot type. The lot you choose to build your home on affects everything from the cost of your home, to the different ways you can customize your space. When asked by your homebuilder to pick a lot type, you’re essentially being asked how close you want your home built to the property lines. One of the options available to homebuyers in Sirocco at Pine Creek is traditional lots. Below is everything you need to know about this lot type to help you decide if it suits your housing needs.


What is a traditional lot home?

A traditional lot features a home that is plotted right in the centre of your lot. This means your property will have two side yards in addition to a front and backyard. This is different from a zero lot line home, which is plotted on the edge of the property line. Zero lot line homes feature only one side yard and neighbouring homes that are slightly closer. Many new communities are developed with densification in mind, leading to an increasing number of zero lot line homes and making traditional lots harder to find. 


What are the benefits of having a traditional lot? 

1. More space

One of the most significant advantages of building your home on a larger lot is the amount of space you get on all sides of your home. This makes it the perfect option for growing families as there is tons of room for kids to play. Larger lots are also perfect for homeowners who enjoy outdoor activities like gardening or entertaining during the summer.

2. Increased customization

With extra space comes increased opportunities for customization. When you opt for a traditional lot, you get to decide what to do with all that extra room. You can customize your home with a larger patio or opt to expand your home instead. With a larger lot, you can also customize the sides of your home by adding extra windows to let in more natural light. With this much space, the options are almost endless – allowing you to truly create a home that reflects your taste and needs. It is worth mentioning that added features and customizations will increase the cost of your home build, so, you’ll want to keep your budget in mind when making these changes. Take a look at Sirocco at Pine Creek’s architectural design guidelines for more information on how you can customize your home.

3. Added home value

If you eventually decide to put your home up for sale, building on a traditional lot may work to your benefit. Larger lots are more appealing to buyers on the resale market. Also, depending on the customizations you’ve made to your property, the value of your home may increase substantially due to its desirable added features. It goes without saying that a single family detached home complete with a garage, tons of yard space and large windows, will be a standout contestant on the resale market.


Choosing the right lot is the first step to building a house that’s the perfect fit for you and your family. If you’re looking for great value, space and flexibility when designing your home, a traditional lot may be the perfect option for you! Learn more about the community of Sirocco at Pine Creek or visit our showhomes to explore your options today!